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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key success to your Business marketing today! 

SEO includes all the things to promote your website outside the design of the website itself. Getting more inbound links to your site, registering with directories relevant to your industry, and getting more pages into the search engine indices are all parts of Off-Page SEO. 

The web address (domain) should set up redirect permanent (ProjectEritrea.com to http://www.projecteritrea.com).  For example, www.ProjectEritrea.com may have 25,530 inbound links whereas ProjectEritrea.com has 19,897 inbound links. By correctly configuring 
a permanent 301 redirect, the search rankings might improve as all inbound 
links are correctly counted for the website. 

In addition, the page Title(s), Meta Descriptions and 
Keywords are all-important to have the right keywords enable Search engine 

We can help set up a permanent redirect (technically called a 
“301 redirect”) between these sites. Once we do that, the domain will work 
when users type your domain name will go to www.your domain.com. You will get 
full Search engine optimization (SEO) on the site. 
We are SEO expert and we have been doing this for over 5 years. Please contact us 
when you need help and we can do it within one business day!



We plan each project wisely and execute the plan well!

We do Banner/ Text link Ad, PPC Advertising with Google Adwords,Yahoo Overture, Microsoft adcenter and Search Engine Submission!


Make your website a top ranking page with project Eritrea search engine optimization (SEO). Project Eritrea provides e-commerce, hosting, business plan, printing, marketing, SEO, search engine optimization, advertise, domain name, accounting, tax assistance, employee retention and network security provider anywhere around the world. For more information, contact us at info@ProjectEritrea.com.



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